Indian Americans Network

Indian Americans are Americans who are of Indian ancestry. The U.S. Census Bureau popularized the term Asian Indian to avoid confusion with American Indian. In North America the term Indian has an ambiguous meaning. Historically, Indian was commonly used to indicate Native American. If a more specific term was needed, American Indian and East Indian were commonly used. American Indian has fallen out of favor and Native American is more commonly used to refer to the Indigenous peoples of North America. East Indian is still in common use. Currently South Asian is often used instead of East Indian. While some consider it derogatory, people of Indian origin use the term Desi to refer to the diasporic subculture of overseas Indians. The word "desi" means "countryman" in Hindi.

Several Indian Americans have been appointed to the Obama-Biden transition team. Parag Mehta, from Texas has been named the deputy director of inter-governmental affairs and public liaison for several minority groups, including Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders. Besides, Parag there are a few more Indian Americans in the team of which the whole Indian American community is proud of.

A number of Indian Americans came to the U.S. via Indian communities in other countries such as Fiji, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom (where over 2.7% of the population is Indian), Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, South Africa, Canada, Guyana, Mauritius and nations of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore. Indian Americans are mostly Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Jain and are among the most highly educated in American demographics.